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Al-Khāzini concept of gravity

Abu al-Fath Abd al-Rahman Mansour al-Khāzini or al-Khāzini defined gravity as a universal force directed towards the center of the Earth.

Two pages from Book of the Balance of Wisdom
Al- Khāzini originally a Greek slave who flourished in Merv at the beginning of the 6th/7th century and who continued the study of mechanics and hydrostatics in the tradition of al-Biruni and the earlier scientists.

In his books The Book of the Balance of Wisdom completed in 1121 in Merv al-Khāzini he doevd his work in eight treatises:
*Theories of centers of gravity according to various Greek and Arabic scholars
*Further discussion on centers of gravity; mechanism of steelyard
*Comparative densities of various metal and precious stones, according to al-Biruni
*Balances designed by various Greek and Arabic scholars
*The water balance of Umar Khayyam – its design, testing and use
*’The balance of Wisdom; determination of the constituents of alloys
*Weights of coinage
*The steelyard clepsydra

The Book of the Balance of Wisdom is perhaps the most essential Muslim work on mechanics and hydrostatics and especially the study of centers of gravity.
Al-Khazini concept of gravity

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