Tuesday, October 6, 2015

In vitro fertilization – Dr Daniele Petrucci

For more than 90 years, work on in vitro fertilization of humans has been reported. In 1959, Daniele Petrucci, an Italian scientist announced to the press that he had fertilized a human egg in vitro and sustained the embryo alive in this artificial environmental for 29 days, although it became enlarge and deformed.

He had begun with a female ovum removed surgically at just the right, ripe moment. He had then admitted male sperm, one of which had proceeded to fertilize the egg. Under his careful laboratory nursing, the egg had grown into this embryo.

The extraordinary experiment was the 42nd attempt by Daniele Petrucci to grow a human embryo outside the womb.

He is using this startling technique to solve one of the world’s knottiest medical problems: how to transplant human tissue.

The embryo was being grown in the laboratory until the research was condemned Pope John XXIII. Vatican sources as well as laymen roundly denounced Petrucci for manipulating human life in this fashion.

An outrage citizen even demanded that the doctor be prosecuted for murder because he ‘terminated the experiment’ at the end of 29 days.
In vitro fertilization – Dr Daniele Petrucci

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