Thursday, July 21, 2016

History of pectin

Pectin is a natural constituent of all land plants where, together with cellulose, it plays a key role in the cell wall structure. It consists of a linear chain composed of D-galacturonic acid residues linked via α(1-4)-glycosidic bonds.

Pectin was first isolated in 1825 by Frenchman Henry Braconnot, though the uses of pectin for making jams, and marmalades were known long before.

Shortly after that, in 1840 Fremy demonstrated that pectin played an important role in regulating the firmness of fruit as it ripens.

The first recorded commercial production of pectin extract was in Germany a patent in 1913.

However, in 1930s, pectin was commercially extracted from dried apple pomace and citrus peels.

New application opportunities have emerged and pectin is no longer just a gelling agent but also used as a stabilizer and thickener.
History of pectin

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